School Advisory Council (SAC)

  • Uses data to write and review the School Improvement Plan
  • Advices the principal in regards to expenditures and the school’s curriculum
  • Monitors student and school progress towards meeting the goals of the School Improvement Plan
  • Communicates with community the progress towards the School Improvement Plan’s goals
  • Promotes collaboration between the community and the school

Meeting Schedule

School Advisory Councils meet a minimum of 4 times a year at each school. The meeting schedule will be posted on the school calendar, school newsletters, and website.


12/1 @ 5:30pm

10/6 @ 5:30pm

2/2 @ 5:30pm

5/18 @ 5:30pm



The School Advisory Council must have representatives from each of the following groups: parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, community/business members, and PTO members. The council must represent the minority population in our school zone as well.

If you are interested in becoming a voting member of this group, please contact us
or call (239) 267-8020.

Parent Bill of Rights