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Our Vision:

A fair and excellent education for all students

Our Mission:

To provide all students an excellent education through a solid, specific, sequenced curriculum
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Core Knowledge School

Core Knowledge LogoThree Oaks Elementary School, located in Fort Myers, Florida, is proud to be the Nation’s First Core Knowledge School. Our mission is to provide a fair and excellent education for all students. Dr. E.D. Hirsch’s basic premise that “knowledge builds on knowledge” and that “all youngsters must have access to a body of critical content which provides a firm foundation for later learning” has resulted in a program of studies for our students that is exciting, hands-on, and very rewarding!

Core Knowledge is a solid, specific and shared curriculum, which helps children to establish strong foundations of knowledge grade by grade. The Core Knowledge sequences are a detailed outline of specific content in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and the Fine Arts. This, combined with standards-based instruction, gives all of our students the opportunity to experience success. It also inspires in them a love of knowledge and a strong desire to learn even more. The sequenced curriculum also serves to eliminate gaps and repetitions of study that students often encounter in school.

All Florida school students are expected to master the Common Core State Standards. At Three Oaks Elementary, the teachers align these standards with the Core Knowledge curriculum. Students at Three Oaks learn from teams of teachers who plan units of study around the Core Knowledge topics. Teachers at every grade level are knowledgeable of the complete sequence and are aware of the topics taught at each grade level. When students arrive in music, art, physical education, the library, or the computer lab they quickly discover that all of their teachers know what they are learning about in class and see these themes continued in the special areas. This builds a school community with strong bonds and feelings of belonging for students and staff, and contributes to a high level of achievement for all.

The following programs are implemented at Three Oaks Elementary School.

  • Core Knowledge Curriculum Grades K-5
  • Amplify CKLA Grades K & 1
  • LCSD Reading K-2
  • Wonders Reading 3-5
  • EnVision
  • McGraw Hill Science