AR Quiz Tips

AR Quiz Tips
Posted on 03/24/2020
TOE Logo● Sign in to Launchpad using the student’s school email address as their username and their 8 digit school ID as their password.
● Click on Instructional Apps
● To take a quiz:
○ Click on the Renaissance App
○ Click on “Take a Quiz”
○ Type in the book title

○ Choices will generate

****Be careful many books have similar titles and are available in different languages.
Make sure you check all the details before you go forward!***
○ Click on “Take Quiz”
○ Click on “Start Quiz”
****You cannot exit a quiz after you click this step!
Be sure you are in the quiz you want and are ready!!***

● There are a few ways to view books already tested on.
1. To view a list of book titles:
○ Click on the Renaissance App
○ On the right it lists all quizzes on books already completed. You can scroll down by clicking NEXT to view more.

2. To view a visual of the books along with the title and scores: Option A:
○ Click on the Renaissance App

○ Click on “Find a Book”

○ Click on “Bookshelf” on the top right
○ A visual of book quizzes completed populates. Scroll down to see more and click on the “Next” arrows on the top right to see even more!

Option B:
○ Click on the Renaissance Home Connect App
○ Click on View My Bookshelf on the right side of the screen
○ A bookshelf of book quizzes completed populates. Click on the arrow on the top right

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