Welcome to Three Oaks Elementary

Welcome to Three Oaks Elementary School, the Nation’s First and Best Core Knowledge School!
Our mission is to provide all students an excellent education through a solid, specific, sequenced curriculum.  

We look forward to welcoming each of you to the 2020-2021 school year!

1st to 5th Grade Families, https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KcoxB9YsamYUWpX_SeZfq3fMH2v8ClaEUJd5m705vogxkzFtXSgKLwYXai5pMS-0Mju14IKfZNHfA6i5IYihbpIFzKe1JydINjW1b6DdXFF6jSujzUp8Lc9Fs6HY86qvQgnpPyq0https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KcoxB9YsamYUWpX_SeZfq3fMH2v8ClaEUJd5m705vogxkzFtXSgKLwYXai5pMS-0Mju14IKfZNHfA6i5IYihbpIFzKe1JydINjW1b6DdXFF6jSujzUp8Lc9Fs6HY86qvQgnpPyq0 

Thursday, August 5, 2021

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Students who will be in grades 1st-5th will come to their teacher at any time during 4:00-6:00p.m.

Kindergarten Families,https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KcoxB9YsamYUWpX_SeZfq3fMH2v8ClaEUJd5m705vogxkzFtXSgKLwYXai5pMS-0Mju14IKfZNHfA6i5IYihbpIFzKe1JydINjW1b6DdXFF6jSujzUp8Lc9Fs6HY86qvQgnpPyq0https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KcoxB9YsamYUWpX_SeZfq3fMH2v8ClaEUJd5m705vogxkzFtXSgKLwYXai5pMS-0Mju14IKfZNHfA6i5IYihbpIFzKe1JydINjW1b6DdXFF6jSujzUp8Lc9Fs6HY86qvQgnpPyq0                                     

Our Kindergarten Teachers are so excited to meet your precious child/ren during our Open House on Friday, August 6th. After reviewing our plan for Open House, we thought it would be in the best interest for all if we added another time slot to the schedule. We realize a later time will work better for some families. Please see the available times below.


https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KcoxB9YsamYUWpX_SeZfq3fMH2v8ClaEUJd5m705vogxkzFtXSgKLwYXai5pMS-0Mju14IKfZNHfA6i5IYihbpIFzKe1JydINjW1b6DdXFF6jSujzUp8Lc9Fs6HY86qvQgnpPyq0Friday, August 6, 2021https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/KcoxB9YsamYUWpX_SeZfq3fMH2v8ClaEUJd5m705vogxkzFtXSgKLwYXai5pMS-0Mju14IKfZNHfA6i5IYihbpIFzKe1JydINjW1b6DdXFF6jSujzUp8Lc9Fs6HY86qvQgnpPyq0




On Tuesday, August 3rd, your child’s Kindergarten Teacher will be sending you an email that will have the following in the subject line:

 ’Kindergarten Open House Sign Up’ 

When you receive the email, please sign-up for one of the above times. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and our new TOE Bears!

Tami LeMaster


If you are inquiring about our Afterschool Program for the 21/22 school year, please click on the Afterschool Program tab. There you will find an Interest Survey. Please complete the survey. This is NOT a registration form, as we are still trying to ensure we have enough employees to staff the amount of students interested in attending. ASP Directors will then contact you with registration information.

Kindergarten Pre-Registration Flyer

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