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Three Oaks Elementary Newsletter

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Kelley Hill – Assistant Principal

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Important Dates

December 5th-9th                                                         Holiday Shoppe (During Specials)

December 8th                                                              SAC Meeting (5:30pm)

December 12th                                                            California Pizza Kitchen Spirit Day

                                                                                    (Coconut Point Mall)

December 12th-16th                                                     Candy Grams Go on Sale

December 15th                                                            Picture Re-Take Day

December 17th                                                            Everblades Spirit Night (7pm)

December 19th-20th                                                     Reindeer Run (During Specials)

December 21st                                                            End of Quarter 2

December 21st                                                            Early Dismissal Day (12:10pm)


December 22nd-January 10th                                      No School for students


                                                                January 10th

                                                                      Students return to school



ID’s Required

For the safety of our students, teachers and staff, anyone who enters our campus for any reason at all MUST show their ID card or Bear Tag to the front office. Pictures of ID’s and pictures of Bear tags are NOT allowed.

Clinic Needs

The clinic needs boys and girls bottoms sizes 4-7


Counselor Corner

December Character Value Kindness


Essential Question:

What are my responsibilities within my school and neighborhood to demonstrate kindness and compassion?


Daily Modeling

Help others in need, without being asked

Forgive others for their mistakes

Compliment your friends

Use polite words like please, thank you,

and excuse me

Share with others

Understand the feelings of others


Role Modeling Kindness and Compassion with your children is important to reinforce these skills. Look for examples in your world of these values and point them out to your children then decide as a family how y'all are going to show Kindness to someone during the holiday season.


Wishing you all a joyous holiday break! You are making a difference!

Ms. Wallace, School Counselor





FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials. By accessing FortifyFL, students and parents can share tips and information, pictures and videos and optionally submit their contact information. Learn more at



The School Board of Lee County, Florida

District 1            Samuel Fisher, Board Vice Chair

District 2            Melisa W. Giovannelli

District 3            Chris N. Patricca

District 4            Vice Chair, Debbie Jordan

District 5            Armor Persons, Board Chair

District 6            Jada Langford-Fleming

District 7            Cathleen O’Daniel Morgan

Board Attorney   Kathy Dupuy-Bruno, Esq.

Superintendent   Christopher S. Bernier, Ed.D.


Three Oaks Elementary School

Vision: A fair and excellent education for all students.

Mission: To provide all children an excellent education through a solid, specific and sequenced curriculum.