SAC Letter

SAC Introduction Letter
Posted on 08/30/2018

August 29,  2018

Three Oaks Elementary Parents:


As is the case at all of the public schools in Lee County, Three Oaks Elementary has a School Advisory Council (SAC).  This council is comprised of parents, teachers, school support staff, the school principal, community members, and representatives of community businesses.  Our SAC meets on one Thursday per month, either in person or virtually at 5:30 PM.  The schedule of meetings is listed in the school newsletter.  Parents and community members are always welcome to attend any meeting.

One of SAC’s primary functions is to create a meaningful link between the school and the community so that parents and community members can have a role in determining the needs of the school, providing input about issues pertaining to the school, and critically evaluating school performance.

Every year, SAC members learn a great deal about the methods that are in place at Three Oaks Elementary for teachers and administrators to carefully identify the strengths of the students, teachers, and programs.  These methods also identify the areas for improvement at the school on every level, from the needs of an individual student to classrooms, grade levels and subject areas. 

At our SAC meetings, we discuss performance, data evaluation, and areas of improvement all year long, culminating with the annual School Improvement Plan.  At the beginning of each year, SAC approves the School Improvement Plan for the upcoming school year and at the end of each year, evaluates how well the school has met its goals.  We look carefully at a vast array of data.  We ask questions and we examine how the school is doing in meeting the needs of its students and how well it compares to other schools in the county and in the state.

Through the course of any school year, there are topics and issues that are brought before SAC for discussion.  It is a role of the School Advisory Council to advise the principal on matters that pertain to the school and its programs.  We have in depth conversations about a wide range of topics.  Since the council represents the Estero/San Carlos area and beyond, the school staff, and the school parents, many different viewpoints are presented and many aspects of each issue examined.

SAC also focuses on strengthening the connection between the school and the surrounding community.  At Three Oaks Elementary, we have the great benefit of tremendous community support, which is clearly evident at SAC meetings.  The community members that participate in SAC at Three Oaks Elementary are a vital part of the council and a huge asset in every discussion.

Like its students, Three Oaks Elementary continues to grow, develop, and flourish.  We are always looking for more business and community members that Three Oaks Elementary can have a symbiotic relationship with. Please call to discuss how we can do that together.

We welcome you to come to any meeting or to contact a SAC member if you have an area of concern that you would like SAC to discuss. Below please find a list of current SAC members and supportive Business Partners.   

If you are interested in becoming a member of our SAC, please contact me at (239) 267-8020. 

     Thank you for your time and for your continued support of our excellent school.


Frances Ward

SAC Chairperson


2017-2018 SAC Members

Gator Construction of Estero – Business Member

Shannon McMahon - School Support Personnel

Jody Moorhead - Principal

Nick Naples – Parent/ DAC back up

Maria Gonzalez-Hearn – Parent/DAC Rep.

Dave Nichols – Community Member

Toni Rodriguez – School Support Personnel

Frances Ward – Teacher

Jeff Bronson – Parent

Troy Malcolm - Teacher



School Business Partners

Estero Rotary Club                             Skotak–Brown Group

Chick Fil A, Alico Road                      A+ Carpet & Upholstery Care, Inc.

Summit Church                                 Lexpert Automotive

PDQ, Gulfcoast Town Center             Heights Title Services/GED Law

Beef O’Brady’s, Grand Oaks Plaza       Diamond Appliance Repair

Gator Construction of Estero              Fagan & Michaud Ins.

Ford’s Garage                                     My Shower Door

Hahn Loeser & Parkes, LLP                Realty World – J. Pavich R.E.