Bear-A-Thon Spirit Days

Bear-A-Thon Spirit Days
Posted on 10/07/2019
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What is Core Knowledge?

Core Knowledge is a powerful system of learning which holds that children learn best as a community in a wider cultural context. It recognizes that we can’t expect a child to understand something without a background, context, or previous knowledge. Core Knowledge® is not the same as Common Core. It is not adopted by all schools in the county or state. Schools that teach Core Knowledge align its curriculum with the state- and district-mandated requirements.

Is TOE a Core Knowledge School?

Three Oaks Elementary has always implemented the special Core Knowledge curriculum. This is part of the reason for its reputation as one of the best elementary schools in Lee County! The curriculum keeps TOE’s educational goals and achievements above and beyond the required. It also makes our kids better at math, reading and overall learning!

At TOE each grade focuses on topics that run through their reading, writing, math, science, and art classes. For example, 3rd graders learn about Ancient Rome in all their subject areas, reading myths, and studying Roman architecture, society, and culture. They will try the typical foods of Ancient Rome and participate in games like chariot races.

Why Core Knowledge Needs Funding?

Because Core Knowledge® is not part of the school district requirements, it is not covered by district or state funding. The school pays for the Core Knowledge materials by itself. Materials can be expensive. For example, the materials for Kindergarten and 1st grade alone can cost more than $9,000!

This year’s PTO Bear-A-Thon will fundraise to support our Core Knowledge program. We recognize it gives our children a distinct advantage in their early education and we want to make sure TOE keeps implementing this curriculum.

Let’s make this a great year for learning at TOE! Thank you for your donation!